Iatax (with one single 't') is a game based on Ataxx rules (which you might know because of its famous Gnome port called Gataxx). The difference is that in Iatax, the 'players' are bots developped by you in Perl language, a bit like in the famous CoreWars. Sounds great ? Then jump to download page !

You might also wish to read the online documentation to see what the game looks like or to em@il the author, AlSim, in order to [ report a bug / join the developpement team / tell him what you think of this software / anything else ? ] (delete as appropriate ;).


It's been a month now that I haven't touched Iatax's code. Not that I have decided to stop the project, but I am VERY busy (I had only enough time to release another Perl program, abk). The next thing I'll release won't be v0.5 but probably a specific PerlCE version, and then a new AIAIAI.
So, I'm sorry to tell you that you'll have to wait till September at least to hear about v0.5 now ... But I'm still searching interrested people to help (could speed up the project !).

At last, Iatax 0.4 is out ! You'll find it on the new download page.
The main change in this version since v0.4DBE2 is that a new basic bot called BASIX has been added (from the older sources of AIAIAI) and that AIAIAI itself, which has been rewriten from scratch, is no longer distributed along with Iatax since it is more advanced. Of course, you can still download it (in its devel. version) on the download page.
Now I'm working on v0.5, which should include new abilities such as networking, and on AIAIAI.
PS : If you've run Iatax on another system than GNU/Linux, please contact me, I need feedback.

No, Iatax is not dead !
If you had to wait for so long to have news, it's only because I've been very busy last month (white exams, holidays, three Gentoo setups = three times three days ... ;), but Iatax is back with a new 0.4DBE2 version including major bugfixes and a few improvements available for download.
This will probably be the last DBE before v0.4 because I've just finished what I absolutely wanted to do before its release : cleaning the code. You can hope it's out before the end of the month.

Iatax has a new logo (which you can see at the top of this page) ! It has been done with Inkscape, and you can freely access the
.svg source file.
You can also download the new 0.4DBE1 version. For once I recommand it to everybody even if it is a DBE, for it contains important bugfixes for O.3 and a new (working ;) version of AIAIAI.

As often with Iatax, events come by two : v0.3 has been uploaded, and you can now download the first theme pack (here), for a real support for themes has been added to Iatax in this release (without modifying the source). It is based upon the best themes from Iagno (used in Gataxx). But, as I want Iatax to look original, I don't want to make one of them the default theme. And as you know, 'basic' is ... basic ! So, if you are a good drawer, don't hesitate to contact me !
The "replay from turn" LogReader command now also works in front-end mode.

Two important news this week : Iatax french webpage and 0.3DBE2 release.
Why a second DBE ? Because the first one included only a small part of what I expected to include in the final 0.3 version. This new release includes a very useful option in LogReader which allows you to restart a game at the turn you are viewing. It currently works only in text mode if using Human, if you find the bug preventing it from working in front-end mode, tell me ! You'll also find AIAIAI, a .bot.iax file. For now, AIAIAI is only a copier and is for testing purpose only. It will evolve in future v0.4. This DBE2 release is VERY buggy and is only recommanded to the most courageous testers ...
I also put online a snapshot of my Fluxbox desktop with Iatax running.

New webpage, the online documentation has been uploaded and works, 0.3DBE release ... what more could you ask for Xmas (I know I am a bit late, but ...) !
Happy new year with Iatax !
PS : The logo upwards is in a grey rectangle ? That's you use MS Internet Explorer, which does not like .png files with alpha ! Did you hear about Firefox ?

Version 0.2 released (first 'real' release on SourceForge.net) , but also this page and the online documentation.
Plans for the future : work on v0.3 (better LogReader module, improved front-end with new styles, ...), try to find a way for the users to publish their styles, bots and other files.

* : I know this page is REALLY minimalist, but I think this makes it faster to load, easier to maintain and to understand. But that doesn't mean that if somebody wants to make a splendid PHP website for Iatax, I won't accept !...